Edmonton Eagles Amateur Boxing Club

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Winner of the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service 2015


Personal Training

  • Reduce body fat

  • Increase Fitness

  • Develop boxing technique and skills  

  • Improve speed and coordination

  • Develop self-defence skills

  • Increase self-esteem

  • Reduce stress


Our personal trainers will help develop your endurance, speed, agility, flexibility and self defence - all while wearing boxing gloves.


Whatever your age or fitness level, working with one of our certified boxing personal trainers will get you looking and feeling great in no time.


Boxing is one of the most effective forms of cross-training available. It combines aerobic and anaerobic workouts and enhances your coordination, balance and timing. It can even reduce stress and give a massive boost to your self-confidence.


Whether you’re male or female, boxing can be a great way to tone and build your whole body. Our trainers will work one-on-one with you to create a fitness plan centred around your desired aims wether that be losing weight and/or developing boxing techniques, our trainers will motivate you to take your fitness to the next level. It’s perfect for anyone who's looking to enjoy the thrill and buzz of boxing training without getting hit!


For more information on prices and bookings please call us on 0208 807 2228 or 07958 432654.